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Foreign Protestants List Finders

Three lists are currently available.

Nova Scotia First Family: the 2,576 settlers that arrived with the Honourable Edward Cornwallis, Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Nova Scotia in the Harbor of Chebucto (Halifax) on the 21st June, 1749.

Nova Scotia Founding Family: the individuals and families that as a result of Governor Cornwallis’ additional recruiting efforts then came to Halifax by ship sometime during the period 1750-1752.

Lunenburg Founding Family: any family or individual names found on the lists relevant to Lunenburg Towneship. The first settlers immigrated by ships from Halifax on June 8 and 17, 1753.

When you select one of these individuals from the list, you will be able to view any information available in the system.

Use our People Finder to search the database for historical and ancestral records data on the Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia.

You can enter a first name and last name (surname). You can also check if the person for whom you are searching is a descendant of a Nova Scotia First Family, a Nova Scotia Founding Family, or a Lunenburg Founding Family.

If we have any information on the person you searched for, it will display in the results. If our system does not contain a record of the person you searched for and you believe that your ancestor was a Foreign Protestant, please email our curator

If you would like more information on this historical group of settlers, please visit the history page.

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