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Over the years there have been and continues to be those passionate individuals (sometimes whole families), both amateur and professional, who have spent countless years researching the history and genealogy of the lives and the accomplishments of Foreign Protestants and their descendants. 

Most of our lists of original families, ship manifests, victualing (vitualing), censuses, return to arms, and many other historical records have been developed over the years from the original handwritten information first developed by Winthrop Pickard Bell, Ph.D., and can also be found using using the Bell Register in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (MG 4,  no. 83, and also on microfilm at the Family History Library #1376197, item 6.) or in his publications:

Society’s Primary Sources

  • The “Foreign Protestants” and the Settlement of Nova Scotia, Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D., Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1961. Later this book was further enhanced and published under the personal direction of Dr. J. Christopher (Chris) Young in his book and website below.
  • Register of the Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia (ca. 1749-1770). Written by Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D., and published by Dr. Chris Young, 2003, 2 volumes. ISBN 0-9730393-2-9. Available in Member Store.
  • Maps Associated With Lunenburg County Family History written by Winthrop P. Bell, Ph.D. and published by Dr. Chris Young, ISBN 0-9730393-1-0. Available in Member Store.  
  • A typed transcript of the passenger lists is also available in the appendix of the book Historic Saga of Leheve (LaHave) by Ruth E. Kaulback, 1970, FHL #1036002, item 20.
  • The Wizard’s Cove website created by Dr. Chris Young in the late 1990’s as the very 1st full web access to much of the very valuable Foreign Protestants information as first developed by Dr. Bell and then later enhanced by Dr. Young.

These highly searchable original digital records are now a very convenient and user-friendly basis for any Foreign Protestants Founding Families descendants to initiate or continue a study of their family heritage.

Society’s Other Sources for Casual Visitors and FREE Guest Members:

  • Ship Manifests: (by ship name, year arrived, and names of passengers)
  • Other Lists:
    • Victualing Lists
    • 1753 Return of Arms
    • Censuses
    • 1754 Live Stock
    • 1756 Cattle Excursion
    • 1758 Militia Patrol
    • 1770-87 Lutheran Church Start
  • Trusted Sources: The Society has researched and pre-screened additional reliable sources of information such as genealogists, historians, genealogical societies, museums, archives, and websites.
Advanced Searches: (Misc. Resources)
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  • Places
  • Books
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  • Trusted Web Links

Society’s Other Sources for FREE Guest Members Only:

  • Ancestral Records (GEDCOM) in our digitized computerized content management database.
  • An original copy the 1984 LUNENBURG: An Inventory of Historical Buildings with Photographs and Historical and Architectural Notes. Second Edition, June 1984**
    **Special Notice August 2018 
    The Lunenburg Heritage Society has recently embarked upon a very exciting fundraising project to digitally republish very high-quality hard copies of this book. ALL funds are for their Society. For more information, please directly contact them.

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